At Kids 'N' Krayons, we believe that ‘Each child is unique’ and our environment caters to every child's needs according to his/her developmental stage. We feel each child needs to develop intellectually, socially and physically. Your child will be exposed to many songs, stories, poems, games, large and small muscle development equipment and a variety of other activities.

We believe that children progress most effectively when they find themselves in a relaxed, well-equipped and stimulating environment which allows them many opportunities for exploration and discovery, at their own pace, through play and play-based activities.

At the centre of the program is our age appropriate curriculum developed by our very own specialists, keeping in mind all important skills necessary for pre-school, and taught by specially trained teachers committed to caring for your child. The curriculum is built around changing themes related to the child's everyday world i.e. the family, the school, the city, and the wider social environment. Parents are kept well informed about these themes and ways in which they can participate with their children at home.