Mrs. Shaila Vazirani is the principal and proprietress of Kids ‘N’ Krayons. She has achieved her degree in early childhood care and education as well as day care management from Sophia Polytechnic. After several years of experience in the field of education at Green Lawns High School in South Mumbai and various schools in the suburbs of Mumbai, she is now with her own school, Kids ‘N’ Krayons. She also has experience in different field like computers, handicrafts and communication skills. Her ambition in life is the success of our school for which she is always willing to go that extra mile and ensure that your children get the best education possible.

Dear Parents,

To give the best:
Know what you are doing;
Love what you are doing;
Believe in what you are doing.

The above lines inspired me to start off on the journey in the fulfillment of my dream. As a child it was a dream of mine to build a school. To realize this dream has been one of my greatest joys. It is you Parents because of which this is possible. The thought of this inspires me & my team to give back what you have given us. This is why we try our hardest everyday to shape the children to the best of their potential into warm, value-driven and knowledgeable little humans. This is what we have been doing from the conception of our school so trust us if I may say so. It’s a happy feeling that Kids ‘N’ Krayons began its journey in the year 2001 and has completed many year very successfully.

Preschool can be a milestone in the life of a young child. For most children it is their first step on the education trial. Their first introduction to teachers, to classroom routines, to group play and to organized learning. Because it is a first in so many ways, the pre-schooler takes away from school powerful impressions that colours their future lives both in and out of school. Hence at Kids ‘N’ Krayons we take our work very seriously and we try our best to see that this experience of the child is their best experience.