A Pre-school we believe, should be called a “children’s garden”, full of beauty and wonder so that whoever enters feels the full force of the magic unfolding, the magic of learning and fun, that we have tried to create for child at Kids ‘N’ Krayons.

Welcome to the world of Kids`N`Krayons where everything is designed for your toddlers.
Kids ‘N’ Krayons imparts quality education. It is out of choice that we have not opened any other branch. We have gained a firm footing by collecting lots of good will from parents. This is due to our personalized attention to both parent and child as well as meeting with the good quality standards that is a mark of a dynamic and evolving school. Play is the child’s window to the world and hence we have structured our entire curriculum on play. Toys are important teaching tools for kids and we at Kids ‘N’ Krayons have done just that. Educational toys, manipulatives, blocks, puzzles and puppets form an important part of our curriculum.

Preschool can be a milestone in the life of a young child. For most, its their first step on the education trail, their introduction to teachers, to classroom routines, to group play and more organized learning. Because it’s a first in so many ways, children take away from their preschool powerful impressions that color their future lives, both in and out of school. The most important learning in children takes place before the age of five. In addition to lots of love and attention, a good preschool needs to keep in mind all its activities involving early childhood development. We are particular in choosing our staff because they have to be committed, caring and competent and who need to take care of these factors.

All our classrooms are closely monitored by CCTV’s. Besides that, all the classrooms are air-conditioned and the temperature is kept balanced according to the weather outside. It is our hope that the lives of both you as parents and your child will be enriched because of your association with us. Our interaction with you will be frequent and open.