Smile - It`s Your First Day At School
Your child`s debut in a playgroup or nursery school can be a cheerful event. A camera and a box of tissues are likely to top the shopping list for parents preparing to send their kids to pre-school for the first time.

Parents have to prepare themselves as well as their children when they cross the threshold of their first school. It`s a bittersweet experience. You are happy that your child is making the developmental leap, but you are sad to say good-bye to the very close and special time that you share with your child.

It generally takes a child 3 to 4 weeks to adjust to school life, we assure parents to keep in mind that a crying child usually settles down once the parent is out of earshot.

It is normal for your child to have some fears about being away from you. Children, like adults need time to get used to new situations. Try to prepare your child for the changes as much in advance as possible. Talk about some of the new people your child will meet and the new things your child will do. If you are enthusiastic about your child going to pre-school, he/she will respond positively too.

It is the first time your child has been separated from you, it is natural for you to be hesitant. A cheerful good-bye kiss, a smile and a reassuring word that you will be back is all you need to do. Our caring staff will take it from there. Usually the child will settle down shortly after he/she starts attending school regularly. Please do not sneak out when your child is not looking. A proper goodbye is a must, because your child will understand that you would not leave him/her alone if it had not been the correct place.

Developing a parting ritual can be very helpful. The parent might tell the child that he or she can have two kisses and a hug, but then he/she have to leave. It becomes a game that eases the transition from home to school, especially in the first 3 weeks, when parting is at its most difficult.

Helping Your Child Adjust At School

You can help your child adjust to the new environment by keeping the following in mind...
Talk frequently about beginning school. Children take cues from their parents. Be positive.
Keep visiting the school before the term starts to familiarize your child to the new environment and the teachers.
Teach your children their teacher`s names.
Clothing should be comfortable.
A back-up change of clothing can be very useful.
Check with the teacher before sending a favourite toy to school.
Small toys left in the child`s bag can help ease a difficult transition. It gives them security.
Never leave without saying good-bye.
Acknowledge your child`s difficulty and express your confidence in his or her ability to handle the situation.

Depending on their age, some children will act out their feelings by:
Clinging to you and refusing to let go.
Having tantrums.
Forgetting their toilet-training.
Not eating.
Waking up at night or having bad dreams.
Bed wetting.
Expressing a desire to stay at home.

Usually these problems are temporary. If your child is treated lovingly yet firmly, this behavior will go away.