The Kids ā€˜Nā€™ Krayons School Van is a facility offered for the convenience of parents who are working, have siblings with different school timings or have other commitments. The Van has an attractive exterior and a child-friendly interior. It is equipped with a first aid box, fire extinguisher and has passed all R.T.O. norms.

Luxury seats, happy songs and rhymes for children and their favorite soft toys they have it all to look at. We have made arrangements to have seat belts for the children to secure them in case they fall asleep. Along with the experienced driver we also have a caring lady attendant at all times in the van. The biggest advantage of traveling in a school van is that the confidence level of a child is raised and the van also prepares them for high school later on. Being with their peers enhances their social development which happens when the children interact with each other as they are driven to and from their destinations.